David Richardson - Pickens County’s Grave Digger

David Richardson Using His Backhoe to Dig a Grave

By Donna Bain
Staff Writer

Everybody knows a lot of business has to be taken care of when there is a death in the family. One thing that has to happen that is often taken for granted is the grave has to be dug in order for the per- son who died to be buried.
If you have ever been around when a grave is being dug in Pickens County, you have probably run into David Richardson. Richardson got his start digging graves because he saw there was a need for a grave digger in Pickens County during the 70s.

Commission Approves Payments to Awesome Air Heating and Cooling

By Felicity Holman
Managing Editor

CARROLLTON- The Pickens County Board of Commissioners meeting occurred on February 28, 2023. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Jerry Fitch.
The meeting began with a motion from Commissioner Drew Elmore to approve the consent agenda. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Jody McGee, and it was approved.

Aliceville High School SGA Performs for Board of Education

Ambassadors: ZaMauree Burrell (Freshman), Destiny Weston (Senior), Tatiyana Jones (Senior), Zakarria Fowler (Senior), Kiyah Hughes (Freshman)

By Donna Bain
Staff Writer

The Pickens County Board of Education held its monthly meeting at Aliceville High School on February 22, 2023. The meeting was called to order by Board President Annie Jackson. All Board members were present. 

Miss Kay’s Bakery and More Will Open Soon in Carrollton

Kristin Faulkner Owner of Miss Kay's Bakery

By Donna Bain
Staff Writer

Miss Kay’s Bakery and More will soon open its doors in the old bail bondsman building beside City Hall in Carrollton. Kristin Faulkner, an Ohio native, is the new owner. She and her husband have lived in Carrollton for about a year. Faulkner has been working at the sheriff’s department, but has resigned to open the new bakery.

Gordo Council Approves Purchase of Bleachers

The Gordo Town Council agreed to purchase three sets of bleachers for the town’s PARA park, according to the minutes of the Feb. 6 meeting.
Mayor Craig Patterson said that Rusty Adams learned there are three complete set of bleachers  that can be purchased for the park for $4,500. Patterson also noted that the town’s baseball and softball leagues are no longer with Dixie Youth; they are now with USSSA.