City of Carrollton Receives Grant for Volunteer Fire Department

Carrollton Council metting April 7, 2022

By Donna Bain
Staff Writer

CARROLLTON-The Carrollton City Council meeting was held April 7, 2022. Mayor Mickey Walker was not in atten-dance. Mayor Pro Tem Freddie Lowe called the meeting to order. After the invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance, the minutes were approved with a motion from Councilman Chuck McDaniel and a second from Councilwoman Terisa Robbins. Councilman Phillip Trull then made a motion to approve paying the city’s bills, and there was a second by Councilman Sherman Mayhew. The motion was approved.

Town of Carrollton is Buzzing With People Trying to Find the Golden Egg

Vickie Britt and Brandy Junkin holding the hidden Golden Egg

By Donna Bain
Staff Writer

CARROLLTON-People have been flocking the streets of Carrollton all week hunting for the es- teemed Golden Egg that has been hidden in the town on the square within the city limits by Mayor Mickey Walker. This is the First Annual Golden Egg Hunt in the town of Carrollton, and it has been a huge success. The town has been buzzing for five days with people both during the day and at night. Restaurants have been full, and people have been having a great time searching for the prize Golden Egg.

Kimberly Madison, candidate for State House Representative spoke at Reform Council meeting

Kimberly Madison speaking at Reform Council meeting April 5, 2022

By Felicity Holman
News Correspondent

REFORM- On April 5, 2022, the Reform City Council meeting was called to order by Mayor melody Davis. Council members Charlie Taggart and Malcolm Giles were not in attendance.

Mayor Davis introduced guest speaker Kimberly Madison to the council. Madison is currently running for State House Representative for District 61

EF-1 Tornado Causes Damage in Benevola Community

Damage near Kirk; Commissioner Gray helping to clean up damage. Photo by Doug Sanders Jr.

By Donna Bin
Staff Writer

GORDO-An EF-1 tornado that was confirmed by the National Weather Service moved through Pickens County on the night of Wednesday, March 30, 2022, and it left a lot of damage in the Benevola Community.
Volunteer fire departments worked tirelessly to assure that everyone was safe before beginning cleanup operations. Several agencies were involved in the cleanup operations. Pickens County Road Crews, Pickens County Sheriff’s Deputies, Police, EMA and volunteers worked until all roads were passable.

Positive Changes to the City of Reform

City of Reform

By Kanids Snyder
Managing Editor

REFORM-The Mayor of the City of Reform Melody Davis discussed new and positive changes coming to her city in an interview with the Pickens County Herald.

According to Mayor Davis, Reform is on the up- coming road to the modern age building up a new store of a Family Dollar/Dollar Tree, helping to open up a black-owned motel out of Mississippi across from the West Alabama Bank, and placing an ice machine in between Jack’s restaurant and the car lot on Hwy 82.

Expungement Clinic held at Aliceville Activity Center

L-to-R: Willie May Jones, Jill Noland, Talya Ball, and Elizabeth Hollis

By Kandis Snyder
Managing Editor

ALICEVILLE-Jill Noland, Job Placement Coordinator of the Pickens County Family Resource Center, and candidate for District 2 Commissioner, hosted along with Aliceville Council member Talya Ball “The Road to Redemption” Expungement Clinic on March 23, 2022 helping those with rent and utilities

Aliceville Council approves of many resolutions for the city

Mrs. Algene Strickland reading the resolutions to the council.

By Kandis Snyder
Managing Editor

ALICEVILLE-Robert Wilder, Mayor Pro-Tempore, called the Aliceville City Council meeting to order on March 24, 2022 with all council members present. Mayor Windham was not in attendace.

The council approved of last meeting’s minutes mov- ing into discussion for items under unfinished business.

Wilder mentioned to the council that there were no new updates for the trailer parks. He asked for the item to be tabled to next meeting in which it was approved to do so.