County in Compliance with Garbage Exemption Law


For the third Pickens County Commissioner’s meeting in a row, James Lee, a Pickens County resident, was on hand October 23 to receive the verdict of his arguments. The basis of those arguments being required procedure in applying for an exemption from the garbage pickup fee was “unjust” and “a hardship” on those residents whose only income came from Social Security Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.

Lee was recognized by the Commission and asked if any information had been obtained. “I hope Mr. Tim (McCool, County Attorney) has information on Article 15,” stated Commission Chairman Randy Dillard.

“I’ve reviewed the procedure that the solid waste (department) follows in terms of what they do and what they require,” said McCool. “I’ve looked at the code section, I even met with Joan (Owens, Manager of the Pickens County solid-waste landfill), I talked with the two gentlemen who are the contacts with AmWaste. Then Joan came over and actually met with me.”

“The first thing I would say is that when I met with Joan, she said anybody that has a question about their procedure or wants to talk to her about it, she is the one they have basically put in charge overseeing it is followed. So, you can make an appointment with her and talk to her directly about how they do this,” advised McCool. “I believe I have a good understanding after she told me, and she would tell you the same thing she told me about their procedure.”

“In reviewing their procedure and in reviewing the code,” McCool asserted, “I don’t have any reservation or hesitation to state that it is in complete compliance with the way the law is written.”

“What they do, very briefly,” explained McCool, “…is they send out an attention notice that basically lays out the procedure. They provide an application for the exemption which there are suggested affidavit applications online that the state puts out there. They (state-suggested affidavit applications) are not required to be followed, but they are suggested. And so, the county has one of its own and from what I see, it appears to be in compliance with what the law requires.”

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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