Elected Officials are Sworn into Office

Four of the five Commissioners were sworn in by Probate Judge John Paluzzi. From left: District 3 Commissioner Drew Elmore, District 5 Commissioner Mark Gray, District 1 Commissioner Bobby Bain, and District 2 Commissioner Bobby Ingram.


The swearing in of elected officials in the Pickens County community occurred over the past couple of weeks, welcoming all those elected to their positions in an official capacity. Former Pickens County District Attorney Chris McCool was sworn in as the Court of Criminal Appeals Judge Place Number 2 on November 9 in Montgomery.

At the swearing in of the Commissioners on Nov. 14 at the Judicial Building in Carrollton, McCool was on hand to swear in District 4 Commissioner Jerry Fitch.

“At this time, let me also take a moment of personal privilege if you don’t mind, and say, congratulations to each of you and all the candidates that were elected,” McCool said, after the official procedure was complete. “I also want to thank Pickens County particularly for your support during the election. It was amazing. I got around 92 percent of the vote. It was really something that was talked about throughout the state. It was a very big deal for me, so I thank you for that.”

“Now, at this time, it is also my privilege to have gotten to swear in Mr. (Andy) Hamlin as my successor. That was a great honor,” McCool continued. “It was a privilege to have been your District Attorney and I look forward to serving you as judge on the Court of Criminal Appeals.”

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