Citizen claims being removed from Healthcare Authority without ever being appointed

Dr. Oliver claims she was asked to serve on the PC Healthcare Authority and then removed without ever being appointed.

CARROLLTON - During the May 25, 2021 Pickens County Commission meeting, Dr. Parphenia Oliver spoke regarding Pickens County Healthcare. Oliver said that she came to the meeting for clarification regarding her being part of the Pickens County Healthcare Authority. Several months ago before the hospital closed, Commissioner (Bobby) Ingram approached me and asked would I be interested in serving on that committee — that board — and I appreciate the recommendation and at that time, I told him I would be interested in learning more about the position,” Oliver said. “Shortly after that the hospital closed and I kind of put it out of my mind and didn’t think anymore about it. I won’t say I didn’t think anymore about it, but I didn’t look for anybody to contact me because Commissioner Ingram said someone would be contacting me for the details and to enlighten me on the position.”

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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