Mayor Mickey walker Discusses Ongoing Petition for Pickens County Hospital

Mayor Walker discussing petition to reopen local hospital

By Felicity Holman
Managing Editor

CARROLL- TON- The Carrollton City Council meeting took place on September 1, 2022. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Mickey Walker. The council approved the minutes of the last meeting and the bills. The meeting then moved to updates, where Mayor Walker announced the progress of the ongoing petition to reopen the Pickens County Medical Center. “Last Friday, we got on the phone, we’re talking to some of our legislatures, and they’ve got some of that cares act money coming up. They suggested that we follow up with a petition for the release of that money to go to opening up the Carrollton hospital. That’s the reason we started up the petition. We have to get at least 5000 individual signatures. Right now, we have around 2,500.” Said, Mayor Walker.

The Mayor asked that any citizen of Pickens County that has not signed a petition please do so. No age limits have been given for citizens that can sign the petition. “I went to the ball game this weekend, last Friday, and probably got about 375 signatures the first night and close to 300 at the peewee game. They told me that the signatures could be from anybody that is in our county. They don’t have to be from here. If they’re at these ball games, that means they’re here. If a player gets hurt, it’s nearly an hour in either direction to get them to a hospital. We’ll present it to our legislature and state finance committee once we reach our goals. We just encourage everybody to sign.” Announced,

Mayor Walker.
More information on this ongoing petition will be available next week.

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