One on One with Congresswoman Sewell


When Congresswoman Terri Sewell visited Pickens County on May 2, I was allowed a brief one-on-one with her after the Town Hall meeting, held at the Aliceville City Hall. My concern is Pickens County. I wanted to know, specifically, how we are being represented and fought for in Washington. With declining school enrollment and population, our county is facing a re-shifting of our schools and a revamping of our local hospital.

The schools and their declining enrollments are of concern, but good things are happening too. The much-anticipated College and Career Center recently opened its doors for students. Our towns are revitalizing from within by bringing in new, local businesses and cleaning up local parks and public spaces. More festivals and community activities are being organized. Pickensville recently cut the ribbon on its first chain store. Industrial boards are being formed to attend to business owners’ concerns and to attract more new business and industry. Grants are being researched and written. The county is making good progress, but what, I wondered, is the Congresswoman’s assessment?

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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