Homicide in Aliceville Update


On Friday night, June 1, between 9 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Daniel Perez, 32, was shot and killed at his residence on Memorial Parkway in Aliceville, two houses down from the Fast Gas gas station and convenience store. Not many details have been added at this time, as the case is still being investigated.

The suspect was wearing a hood or mask and long sleeves. The suspect has not yet been arrested. Law enforcement is asking for the public’s help with any information anyone may have regarding the murder. “As many people that are at that Fast Gas, even that night, somebody hopefully heard something or saw somebody in that area,” said Aliceville Police Chief Tonnie Jones on June 13. “No one has reported hearing a shot at this time.”

Jones and his department, along with the Pickens County Sheriff’s Department, the 24th District Court, and the Pickens County Coroner’s office have been working diligently running leads and gathering information for an arrest. Jones stated he has been looking at surveillance video as well as exploring other leads.

“It is something that shouldn’t have happened, but it happened,” said Jones. “Any kind of cooperation from perhaps somebody who was at that store that night could help.”

If you have information regarding the murder of Daniel Perez, please contact the Aliceville Police Department at (205) 373-2517 or the Pickens County Sheriff’s Department at (205) 367-2000. You may also contact the Pickens County Herald office at (205) 367-2217 and we will pass your information along. You may remain anonymous.