Cancer-Survivor’s Grandmother Creates Quilts from Doll’s Dresses

Mollie Bailey (right) and her grandmother Sue Yarbrough (left) with the quilt Yarbrough sewed of Abby’s dresses.

By Brian Hamilton, Correspondent

Ever since Carrollton resident Sue Yarbrough can remember, she has been sewing matching dresses for her granddaughter Mollie Bailey and her doll Abby. Mollie is a cancer survivor who was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of three. Mollie is very passionate about Abby, while Yarbrough is very passionate about sewing and making dresses for Mollie and Abby.

“I had planned to give the doll to her for her third birthday and start making them matching clothes,” Yarbrough said. “Well, her birthday didn’t come until after this (diagnosis) happened, so I went ahead and gave it to her.”

Yarbrough has sewn all the doll’s dresses and sewed all of Mollie’s dresses when she was younger. While the Bailey’s lived west of Birmingham in Moody, Alabama, Yarbrough was able to make it to all of Mollie’s treatments and still continue to sew the dresses.

“I either kept the boys and got them to school or I went with them, but I was always there for all of her treatments,” Yarbrough said. “Sometimes I’d be over there for a whole week. I would take all the hand work and do while I was up there, then I’d come back home and I’d sew as long as I could see at night or until I fell asleep.”

After Mollie changes Abby’s dresses, Yarbrough kept them and began making quilts with the dresses pinned to them.


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