Lack of Federal Funds Postpones County Projects


The Pickens County Commissioners’ meeting on Sept. 11 went smoothly as items on the agenda were announced, motioned, seconded, and approved. At the end of every meeting, each Commissioner is asked if they have any discussion items. District 4 Commissioner Jerry Fitch asked County Engineer, Clint Terry, if the bid for a project on County Road 75 would still be coming in Friday, Sept. 14.

“We got a letter about that,” said Terry. “We need to address the letter we got today about that. The (federal) money has all been suspended for the year. The state cancelled all projects that are left.”

“Did they give you a reason?” asked Fitch

“They ran out of money,” replied Terry. “They said these bridge projects, you know, all these ATRIP (Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation Improvement Program) projects that we had, that were pushed to the end for everybody in the state. They ran out of money, so they pushed all federal projects for the year. There are no lettings.”

The term “letting” in this case means the state makes the project available for bidding. For now, the “letting” of projects has been put on hold until monies can be acquired for the project itself.

“You don’t mean that it’s gone,” said District 1 Commissioner Bobby Bain. “You mean that the first letting they have is going to be in December, or it has been pushed back. It can still be on the schedule.”

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