Changing the Face of Tomorrow: Part Three

Downer Field Airport in Aliceville is, according to Aliceville Chamber of Commerce Director Edgar Pruitt, underutilized considering the amount of investment which has been made.


For the past two weeks, I have written a series of articles concerning an interview done with the Director of the Aliceville Chamber of Commerce, Edgar Pruitt. Much was discussed during this interview with the outcome a hope for a change in the conversation concerning our communities here in Pickens County and throughout West Alabama. To change the face of tomorrow, we must, as residents, change our conversation from negative to positive, from finger-pointing to stepping up and contributing.

The first article concerned the state of our schools. The second, the state of our housing markets. This article focuses on increasing the footprint of our towns and creating a pull effect to increase interest and economic viability in our county.

When Pruitt began looking at the footprint of Aliceville, he realized it had not changed in many years. “If you look at Aliceville’s footprint, which is the city itself, it only has about 1900-2000 people because the footprint hasn’t changed to include the community, a necessary change that has to be made,” said Pruitt.

The geographical footprint must change to include current local residents and allow for a 10-year projected growth. “We can’t even use the average income of Aliceville because most of Aliceville residents are in subsidized homes. Many of our businesses are in the city of Aliceville, but most of our residents are on the fringes of Aliceville,” Pruitt said.

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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