Commission Hears Concerns About Proof for Garbage Exemptions


At the Pickens County Commission meeting Sept. 25, Commissioners heard from Mr. James Lee, who was signed up to speak at the beginning of the meeting in the public comment from citizens course of the agenda.

Lee was concerned the proof of income for the exemption of garbage fees was putting an unnecessary burden on elderly citizens. The new system requires three proofs of income before the exemption can be carried out. “Are they going back to the standard way of showing the social security statement of how much income they receive?” inquired Lee.

“Mr. Lee, we did talk to AmWaste and AmWaste came up with a guideline,” replied Commission Chairman Randy Dillard. “And if I understood it right – Cheryl (Bowles, County Administrator), correct me if I make a mistake – but it is a state guideline. That’s what I understood. From the state. And that’s what they are going by.”

“Three different proofs of income,” said Lee. “Okay now, I believe it’s a law now that states people on SSI (Supplemental Security Income) automatically get exempt. So, my question is why would they be required to bring these two extra verifications of income when they are automatically exempt? State rule. Cheryl, do you know?”

“If Social Security is the only source of income,” replied Bowles. “The proof of income is to verify if social security income is or is not the sole source.”

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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