Aliceville City Council Splits Vote on Budget


The Aliceville City Council met for its final meeting for the month on September 26. The hopes to get the 2019 fiscal year budget passed were dashed as a tied vote of three to three hung up the process until further discussion and evaluations could be made.

Councilman Terrence Windham had concerns regarding some of the numbers. “I think we could be a little bit more lean on our budget,” Windham began. “Not necessarily what we’re spending, but on what we anticipate coming in. We don’t want to get to the end of the year and not have what we need. I saw some things that were taken out that I was kind of concerned about. Specifically, about the schools. I know we only have two schools now, but I think we shouldn’t go down on the amount of money we give, we should keep it the same and just split it in half.”

“We are just kind of crunching numbers at the last moment and sliding it through, I don’t think that’s the best way for the city,” Windham continued. “I would like us to have more time to work on the budget. The city is not going to shut down if the budget doesn’t pass today. It’s been done before, as some council members have said. Slow our roll, make sure we have all our numbers the way they need to be, get all our final September numbers so we can make a good comparison to what we had last year and this year. And I’m not trying to hold anything back, I’m just making sure we aren’t living above our means. … the council has no voice once the budget is passed. So now is the time to say what you want to say about the budget. Because after it’s passed, it’s passed.”

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