Scams Still Plaguing Pickens Co. Residents


Scam artists are still targeting the Pickens County area. Most of the scams occur through phone calls, emails, or social media.

According to the Pickens County Sheriff’s Department, one of the scams has an unknown person(s) call a residence and identify themselves as an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) investigator. The person demands the resident purchase a green-dot money card and give them the account number to pay an “outstanding” debt to the IRS. The person on the phone becomes belligerent and threatens to come to the home with local police within minutes if they do not make payment as demanded. The Sheriff’s Department suggests residents DO NOT cooperate with these people.

At the Aliceville City Council meeting October 10, Aliceville Police Chief Tonnie Jones also made mention of the IRS scam and said he had personally been called by the scammers. “We have had several victims here in Aliceville since the last city council (meeting), so again, to the public, it is a scam where, you heard me say last time, the IRS calls and says, ‘Hey, they got a warrant for you,’ because they did it to me too. And if I didn’t pay in a certain length of time they would lock me up,” said Jones.

“Another one we are receiving and having is something about an emergency to your computer. They are saying they will shut your computer down and lock your computer so we want you to be real careful with that because once they get your information you won’t hear from them again,” Jones continued.

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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