Gordo City Council Rallies for Holiday Season


e Gordo City Coun- cil held its monthly meeting Nov. 5 with a much more subdued and congrat- ulatory atmosphere. A er the success of the Hallow- een Treats on the Street event, sponsored by the Gordo Chamber of Commerce, all members were pleased with the outcome and began looking forward to other upcoming events for the city.

“Wow, where has our year gone?” asked Gordo Chief of Police Todd Hall. “ Thanksgiving, by the next time we meet, will be in our rearview mirror. As always, we’d like to remind everybody, especially during the holiday season, to be especially aware of their surroundings, especially while they are doing their shopping.”

“If you are doing late night shopping, a lot of times, the parking lots are dark,” Hall continued. “We want all our residents to be safe and to have a good holiday.

“Traffic seems to have increased on (Highway) 82. I don’t know what the count is, but it seems like a substantial difference in what the traffic is, so we’d like to caution everybody to be careful as they travel during the holiday season and have a safe and enjoyable holiday.”

When Gordo Fire Chief Sam Powell began his account of the month’s happenings, the group of re department volunteers present at the meeting were called away to a 10-70, a structure re. It turned out to be a dryer re at a house close to the Methodist Church.


See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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