Changes in First Responder Protocol Makes a Tough Job Tougher


Every fire department in Pickens County is volunteer based. “There is not a paid fire fighter in Pickens County,” said District 1 Commissioner Bobby Bain. Amazing considering the amount of time, not to mention the danger involved, in being a fire fighter/first responder.

Aliceville Fire Chief Willie Dixon had a few things to say about that at Aliceville’s city council meeting on November 28. Every meeting the council hears a report from the fire, street, and police department heads.

“(Police) Chief (Tonnie) Jones could probably explain this better than I can, but we have a new protocol for first responders,” Dixon said. “If we get an active shooter, and we have injured people, when the police go in, first responders have to go in with them. There used to be a time you waited until everything was over then first responders would go in and get them (the injured). It has totally changed. We have to go in with the police to get the injured out because if we are standing out there and somebody is still in there shooting and they are killing people, the longer we wait, the longer the police wait, the more people they going to kill.”

“It’s a dangerous job that we do and it’s getting worse,” noted Dixon. “A lot of people don’t realize that. We are held to the same standards as a paid fire department, paid first responders. We just ask for your (town council) support and the community’s support.”

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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