Sentencings Keep Repeat Offenders Off Community Streets


The Pickens County District Court succeeded in keeping repeat offenders off the streets of the county in at least two sentencing hearings held November 26.

The first, Fela Kuti Burton, 44, of Reform, was primarily charged with one count theft of property first, one count domestic violence second degree assault, robbery first degree, and kidnapping first degree on April 21, 2016. The incident resulted in multiple injuries to the victim including a ruptured liver, received while being kicked repeatedly as she lay defenseless in a fetal position on the ground beside her vehicle.

A separate burglary first degree charge received October 12, 2015 was also included in the multiple charges. Burton pled guilty to the domestic violence second degree-assault charge and was sentenced by Pickens County Circuit Court Judge Sam Junkin to 16 years in a state prison facility.

“My office has and will continue to take a firm stance on crimes involving domestic violence,” said District Attorney Andy Hamlin. “Mr. Burton was a serious offender with a history of committing these types of crimes. I took all these factors into consideration when negotiating the case.”

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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