Fleming retires from NRCS after 28 years

Pam Fleming


Pam Fleming retired from her position as a soil conservation technician at the Natural Resources Conservation Service after 28 years of service. She began working as the district clerk for the Pickens County Soil and Water Conservation District in 1990, and the rest is history.

“I worked with them for eight years and during that time the DC, which is district conservationist, at NRCS encouraged me sign up for a WAE, which is a part-time person going out (in the field),” Fleming said. “I love going out and doing things, so that’s how I got started. I started going out and learning the practice and the job opened; I applied, and I got the technician job.”

After spending eight years as the district clerk, Fleming accepted the soil conservation technician job in 1998 and remained in that role until her retirement last Monday. Another thing Fleming said she enjoyed about her job was being able to help the local farmers.

“We go out and help farmers on the farm,” Fleming said. “That’s putting in water lines, putting in fencing and wells. We do grass planting. There’s just numerous things that we assist by making sure the practices are put in correctly.”

While Fleming said she plans on enjoying retirement, there are some things she will miss dearly about her position as soil conservation technician and said it was tough for her to make the decision to retire.

“I will miss the people,” Fleming said. “The farmers, coal workers, and different agencies. You don’t want me to cry.”

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