Westervelt Renewable Energy Plant welcomes new GM Ritu Linhart

Ritu Linhart, General Manager of Westervelt Renewable Energy Plant in Aliceville, speaks at the Aliceville Rotary meeting last Tuesday.


Ritu Linhart moved to Aliceville in December 2018 to take over as general manager of the Westervelt Renewable Energy Plant in Aliceville. She is originally from Miami, Fla. and lived in Waycross, Ga. before coming to Aliceville.

“I moved from Miami to Waycross, Georgia six years ago, and I thought that was culture shock. Waycross was 16-18,000 people, this is 2,500,” Linhart joked. “It’s been a pleasure being here. When I found the job in Waycross, Georgia, I was tired of Miami, I just said ‘This city life is not for me, I’m going to run away and just go to some small place.’ Waycross is where I ran away to and when I got that job offer, I actually didn’t take it at first.”

Linhart said that initially, she wasn’t open to the idea of manufacturing pellets.

“I wanted to make deadly chemicals, so I got this job in Missouri out in the boonies making ethylene oxide, which within 5,000 feet of you, if you get like one part of a million, you just die. It is that deadly,” Linhart said. “There was an evacuation plan for the whole city and that’s where I wanted to go. Within a few weeks of going there, and saying no to the Waycross job, I thought, ‘How hard could it be to make wood pellets? You just buy some trees, you strip the bark, chip them up, and put them through a dye’, but I wasn’t going to do the easy stuff, I was going to make the ethylene oxide.”

She said that after already quitting her job in Miami, she had second thoughts and called to see if the job in Waycross, Ga. was still open and that led to her career in pellet manufacturing.

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