Aliceville City Hall to be used as warming station

Councilman Thomas Wilkins (left), Mayor Marva Gipson (center) and Warren Lavender II (right) listen as Chief Jones speaks regarding the police department.

By Brian Hamilton, Editor

The Aliceville City Council met on Wednesday, February 12, at the Aliceville City Hall. Mayor Marva Gipson began the meeting by appointing District Attorney Andy Hamlin and Demetrius Miller to the park and recreation committee and said that she would appoint at least two others at the next meeting. Aliceville librarian Francis Lewis asked that the city council re-appoint Susan Jones and John Paluzzi. The motion to re-appoint Jones and Paluzzi carried.

Warming Station

Mayor Gipson mentioned that there was a request from a council member to have the National Guard Armory in Aliceville to be used as a warming station. Gipson said, at this time, however, the armory did not pass inspection for a warming station.

"The four large heaters in the auditorium went out, so I've had a repairman down there Tuesday, but we still can't find out the problem," Gipson said. "We have been using the Aliceville City Hall for a warming station and I cannot change that from the city hall right now, because the armory will not pass inspection."

A motion was passed to have the warming station for tornado victims, etc. remain at the city hall, until further notice.

Airport Board asks to lease
airport hangar

Pep Johnston spoke regarding the Aliceville Airport Board that consists of himself, Doug Lewis, Clyde Marine, David White, and Joe Collins.

"Over the last 10 years, we've been rather active because of a series of federal grants that upgraded our airport, but recently there has been very little going on," Johnston said. "In the last couple of months, we've had an individual expressing interest in leasing the old hangar that's halfway down the runway."

Johnston said the city purchased that hangar approximately two years ago and there has been no activity since.

"This man has given us a proposal and we would like to lease it to him to put his airplane reconstructing/constructing and painting and repair business down there," Johnston said. "His name is Shane Cohen and he lives in Emelle and has a similar business in Meridian."

Johnston said that the board had been negotiating with Cohen as to what would need to be done to upgrade the hangar to be able to use it, but said that it would be quite expensive. Johnston asked the council for permission to negotiate with Cohen to see if they could come up with a lease agreement that will enable him to use the airport.

"He also has three airplanes that he uses for training and his own use in his business," Johnston said. "That'd be really good for our airport because if you don't have a certain number of planes down there using it, you lose out on a lot of federal assistance and grants. So when we don't have anything, that would be a good thing to do for our airport."A motion passed allowing the airport board to negotiate a lease agreement for the airport.

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