Ghost Girls hold paranormal investigation at courthouse

Ghost Girls Lesley Hyde (left), Heather Lawrence (center), and Gordo Mayor Craig Patterson (right) gave visitors haunted history and paranormal investigation tours.


An organization called ‘Ghost Girls’ held a paranormal investigation at the Historic Pickens County Courthouse on Saturday, February 9th and many folks came from near and far for the opportunity to go on a live ghost hunt. Ghost Girls was founded by friends Lesley Hyde and Heather Lawrence because of their interest in the paranormal.

“It all started because I love history, and I love haunted history,” Hyde said. “I started going on all these tours in different cities, like New Orleans, Savannah, St. Augustine, and even Nashville. They all have their haunted history tours and investigations, but there wasn’t much in Alabama.”

Hyde said it was at that point she and Lawrence decided to start their own paranormal investigation company.

“I love this so much, I said ‘You know what? I can do this,’ so I basically started the company.”

Lawrence said her interest in starting the organization came from wanting to give people in Alabama an opportunity to experience these paranormal investigations that other states have offered.

“I think that people in general are very interested in paranormal activity, whether you believe in it or don’t believe in it,” Lawrence said. “This was a great opportunity to get together with a friend and go out and meet new people, have some fun and see if all the stories here are real.”

This is the first time Hyde and Lawrence have been to the Historic Pickens County Courthouse and Lawrence said the duo had no idea if they would find anything or not when giving the tours, however, said she was impressed with the activity exhibited during the three tours on Saturday night.

“I think we had a lot of activity here,” Lawrence said. “I think this is probably one of the most haunted places that we’ve been. The spirit box seemed to have a lot of response, and having the lights being turned on and off, that’s not something that happens on every tour, so that was pretty awesome. We had probably 15 people report being touched. We have never experienced anything like that during our investigations.”

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