Gordo Council: City to enter partnership with Dixie Youth board


The Gordo City Council began their meeting on Monday, March 4th by listening to a proposal by Shawn McDaniel of the Gordo Dixie Youth board. The proposal asked the council to consider the board and city working together in a partnership to raise money to renovate the fields.

“What we’re asking is that if we raise $50,000, that the city, being a city park, and holding that responsibility, would the city park be willing to come that, to raise $50,000?”

McDaniel said that due to the fact the park hosts tournaments and has so many visitors that it was in need of some renovations.

“In the spring right now we’re running 241 kids, that’s in softball and baseball,” McDaniel said. “With 241 kids, we do the math on that, times two parents, and that’s 482 people who come to that park per week, plus grandparents, aunts, and uncles.”

McDaniel said that if the council made a motion and moved forward, that if there was any bid work that needs to be done, it would have to be completed by June 1st. There would then need to be a selected committee from the board, as well as the Mayor’s review and approval, no later than June 26th. The two board will then consult together with the mayor, along with the project manager of the city.

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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