Everett Owens named Aliceville Citizen of the Year

Everett Owens is awarded the Citizen of the Year award by Donny Sanders at the Aliceville Chamber Banquet last Tuesday night.


Everett Owens was named Aliceville’s Citizen of the Year for 2018 at the Aliceville Chamber of Commerce banquet last Tuesday.

“I’m very humble, very thankful, and very appreciative, but I’m also aware that this has not been done just by me alone,” Owens said.

“I have a wonderful support system and surprisingly they’re all here tonight. I know you’ve all heard the old saying that ‘Behind every successful man, there stands a woman, rolling her eyes’,” Owens joked.

Dr. Jim Gentry was named Pillar of the Community, while Kenneth Lucas and Morris Hickman were named Volunteers of the Year. Lauren Strawn was also recognized for her service on the Chamber’s Board of Directors.

“Dr. Gentry did it all,” Martin Colvin said during Gentry’s introduction. “He always had a unique way of making you feel calm and at peace in whatever you were doing. It goes without saying that this community is a better place as a result of Dr. Gentry.”

Caleb Marine then introduced the award of Volunteer of the Year to both Kenneth Lucas and Morris Hickman.

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