Aliceville Council: Chief wants storage fee in police department fund


Mayor Marva Gipson was out last meeting due to sickness, but two meetings ago Police Chief Tonnie Jones asked Gipson and the council about the possibility of storing vehicles in the gated lot by the police department for a small storage free, to be deposited into the police department’s fund. This discussion was brought up again during the Aliceville council on Wednesday, March 13th.

“I just asked for a very small fee. Other agencies are doing $30, but we had just asked for $25 a day and include them paying the wrecker bill that towed it,” Chief Jones said. “We do a tow in report on every vehicle that we tow. It won’t be every vehicle that we tow that will be towed to the police department, but the ones that we feel need to be in a secure area.”

Mayor Gipson said that the funds would not go to the police department fund, but they would instead go into the city’s general fund.

“If you get $25 per car each day and deposit it into the police department fund, the money can be spent,” Councilman Terrence Windham said. “If it is deposited into the general fund, by the time the year ends, that money won’t be there.”

Jones said he did not want the funds to be deposited into the police department’s budget, but instead be deposited into the department’s fund. When asked what kinds of things he was wanting to use the funds toward, he replied that the funds could be used for police computers and things that were needed around the office.

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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