People of Pickens: Jeanette Filpi

Jeanette Filpi


Jeanette Filpi recently moved to Pickens County to serve as the CEO of the Pickens County Medical Center. Filpi has been in Pickens County for just over two weeks now and is looking to make a difference at the PCMC and in the local community. She sat down with Pickens County Herald Editor Brian Hamilton for the inaugural publication of ‘People of Pickens’.


Q: How did you end up hearing about the PCMC opportunity?

Filpi: “Boa Vida ended up acquiring the hospital in Aberdeen, Mississippi and that is a Pioneer hospital. The CEO there, Chris Chandler, he and I worked together, so when this opportunity came up, I believe this is how it happened: Dr. (Kirnjot) Singh knew me from when they toured the Steward hospital and knew how well it was doing, outside of the corporate offices. I worked with Chris and he and I had a great working relationship, so that’s how they ended up giving me a call.”

Q: How did you meet Boa Vida President Dr. Kirnjot Singh and become involved with the company?

Filpi: “I actually met Dr. Singh when I was at another rural hospital in Virginia and they were touring hospitals with Boa Vida. He was at the hospital because the company that owned that hospital had filed Chapter 11 (bankruptcy). It was a great little critical access hospital in Virginia, but unfortunately the corporate office had some financial challenges. The hospital itself was doing well and was cash flow positive.”

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