Aliceville Dixie Youth kicks off 2019 season with new park upgrades

Local children assist in a ‘Clean-up Day at the Park’ in late February.


The Aliceville Dixie Youth league threw out the first pitch of the 2019 season this week with some much needed improvements to the Aliceville City Park fields.

Rob Dahlberg, President of the newly appointed Aliceville Park and Recreation Board, has been instrumental in the new park renovations and held a clean-up day in late February, where both adults and children worked together to help clean up trash and get the field ready for the upcoming baseball season.

“I’ve been involved with this now for about five years and the Dixie Youth supplements the city. I am trying to get the field ready for the opening day of baseball,” Dahlberg said. “Practice starts March 1st, so we typically try and have it (the clean-up day) right around then, weather permitting. This year we had an excellent turnout, not only from the work day, but as far as the league this year.”

Dahlberg said this year’s registration almost doubled in turnout from 2018.

“Last year we had 57 kids sign up and this year we had 107,” said Dahlberg. “We basically doubled what we had, as far as attendance and kids who were playing and signed up for Dixie Youth baseball.”

With the increase in registration, Dahlberg said it was imminent that the park had a facelift for the upcoming baseball season.

“There’s going to b

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