Aliceville Council: Residents to voluntarily annex into City Limits


Aliceville’s City Council meeting on Wednesday, April 10 began with the council once again electing to table the National Guard Armory rental agreement. The council also moved to keep an ordinance on providing storage for legally impounded vehicles on the unfinished business agenda.

The last item of unfinished business was appointment of the equalization board. The following were nominated to the board at the council meeting: Caleb Marine, Marion Bonner, Terry Windham, and David McCaffrey.

Mayor Marva Gipson mentioned that there only needed to be three appointed to the equalization board and made a motion that the council review the proposed candidates’ credentials and have a vote at the next meeting on April 24th. The motion passed unanimously.

Under new business, the council discussed two parade permit requests. The first request was for a parade permit for Aliceville High School’s Grand Reunion on May 25th, while the second was for a Pickens County Delta Sigma Theta Mardi Gras parade in February 2020.

The council made a motion to approve both forthcoming parades.

Aliceville Chamber of Commerce President Edgar Pruitt then spoke before the council regarding the voluntary annexation of residents wishing to move into the Aliceville city limits.

“I haven’t gotten a report from the (Aliceville) Country Club yet, because Mr. (John) Russell was handling that and he’s out of town and he’ll be back next week,” Pruitt said. “I’ll follow up with him and hopefully at the next council meeting I will be able to give you the total number of those who have agreed to be voluntarily annexed and we can start the paperwork to get that project completed.”

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