German man traces father's path through POW camps in Aliceville

Wolfgang Lodman visited the Aliceville Museum recently with the desire of tracing his late father's path from Germany to Aliceville, where he spent time in the 1940s during the World War II POW camps. His father, Peter Klaus Lodman arrived in Aliceville on June 2, 1943 and Lodman said he believed that his dad was one of the first to arrive here in Aliceville. Lodman arrived in New York on a cargo ship, just as his father had came over to the United States and then took the train from New York to Tuscaloosa, where he then rented a car to get from Tuscaloosa to Aliceville. "It was time that I got some closure on what my father was always talking about with war and being in the Army when I was young," Lodman said. "I was born in 1948 and during the 50s and 60s my father was telling all these stories when we came together as a family on Christmas."

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