High School Seniors adjust to ‘new normal’

We all can recall our senior year of high school, from our last year playing sports, to the sports banquets, to senior play, to senior skip day, to graduation, and then senior trip before going off to college. You wanted to go to school just to see your friends because most of you would never be in school together again. All of those are fond memories for me, as I look back on my senior year at Dora High School in 2004. Several friends and I actually spent some time discussing those times recently through social media, because frankly, we’re nostalgic and it’s human nature. Unfortunately, this year’s class will be devoid of all the activities mentioned above. Many schools are still hoping that they can have a traditional graduation ceremony, as Pickens County Superintendent Jamie Chapman and Pickens Academy Headmaster Brach White have both said they are open to pushing graduated ceremonies into late summer if needed.

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