Aliceville council discusses Dr. Parker’s removal from Gas Board

Dr. James Parker confronts Aliceville Council concerning his removal from the Gas Board.


ALICEVILLE - Mayor Terrence Windham called the Aliceville Council meeting to order on January 27, 2021 with all council members present.
The minutes from the last council meeting were made in motion to be approved by the council.
On the agenda, the council moved to the items under Unfinished Business.
The first item included equipment for the Street Department.
“At this time, we have spoken with Greene County,” Mayor Windham said. “As a council, no. The Greene County Department County Commission that we have worked in partnership with in trying to get a garbage truck. The garbage truck has been down. We potentially have one that we can utilize, however, it is not ready for us yet.”
Windham mentioned that there are no updates, but they are working on it.
“The second thing with equipment for the Street Department, there is an auction at the end of the month on Monday for the Southeast Auction Auto Company,” Windham said. “They will be auctioning off various items to include some for our Street Department so we will be trying to utilize those individuals for some equipment to utilize for the city of Aliceville.”
Councilman Thomas Wilkins asked if those items are ones they can bid on in which Mayor Windham mentioned that there will be some items they can bid on, but some have already been bought and at the end of the week, him and Street Department Supervisor Terry Hill will go and look at the items and see which ones will be good to bid on.
“If they are available, then we will try to get those items that are useful, but we don’t want to get anything that’s junk,” Windham said. “A normal boom truck will probably cost $70-80,000 dollars. If we can get it at the auction, we can probably get no more than at $2-3,000 dollars. A garbage truck is available. Garbage trucks cost about $150-200,000 dollars. If there is one available, we can get one as low as $6,000. Potentially we can get some lightly used equipment.”
The council made and approved the motion to leave the item for equipment for the Street Department on the agenda for Unfinished Business until next meeting.


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