Practical Christianity

Pastor, Bethlehem
Primitive Baptist Church

The Suffering Servant

I think we can agree that, aside from Jesus himself, very few have ever suffered like Job. Some have conjectured that Job may not have been an actual man, but there is too much personal information given by Job to believe that. Job is unique because he is one of 10 people in the Bible who God himself referred to as “my servant.” I think it is important to look carefully at one who was referred to by God as such a devoted servant. There are several things to learn from the servant Job.
First, we do not have to wonder what the servant Job believed about God. Out of his mouth he testified he believed in God’s sovereignty (Job9:4-15), that God was unapproachable without a mediator (9:32-33), that God was Creator (12:10). He also believed that man was sinful (14:4), that Adam was the cause of man’s sin (31:33), and that Job himself was a sinner (13:23-26).


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