Aliceville Resident Petitions Commission to Pave Bradford Road

Aliceville citizen asks commission about paving Bradford Road

By Felicity Holman
Staff Writer

CARROLLTON- The Pickens County Board of Commissioners meeting took place on July 26, 2022. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Jerry Fitch and began with citizens' public comments.

The first public comment came from Donny Sanders of the Pickens County Water Authority concerning the change in location of the pumping system.

“The location of our pumping system has changed. Last year we submitted a proposal for the Price Road Project. We had chosen that location because we had a well there, there were pipelines pretty close, and there was reason to believe that Hickman would be expanding in that area. Now, though, the cost of building a plant has gone way up. We had enough money to build that plant and get the well up and running, but in that particular territory, about six or seven Peco growers had their contracts pulled out, and the hatchery is running at about half capacity. So things have changed in the west area of the county. They’re depending on a 200-gallon-a- minute well, and we have roughly 4800 meters in the county, which is about 2400are in the area that is served by that one 200-gallon-a-minute well. We’ve got other wells in the county, but we’re at about 85% capacity county-wide. In this new facility, we would have to drill a well, where we already had a well at the other site, and put in a treatment center depending on the type of water we get. We’re not expecting the Pickens County Commission to help us fund this project out of your general fund, but the American Rescue Plan money has a priority of needs, and at the top, you’ll find our water project. This will not be a short-term project. It will benefit the Western part of the county for the next thirty to forty years before it needs to be replaced, and there is nothing more important than a good source of drinking water.” Stated Sanders.

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