A Special Thanksgiving Photograph

By Donna Bain
Staff Writer

The time has come for Thanksgiving again. The years seem to keep going by faster and faster, and time just eases right by us. The passing of time brings changes into our lives. Sometimes the change that time brings is a mountaintop experience and other times it brings us into the depth of a valley. The holidays can remind us of what is truly important and give us a new perspective on our lives.
    I began reflecting on Thanksgiving in October thinking about what to write this year. Last year, my Thanksgiving article was about all the Thanksgiving traditions my family has participated in over the years and how we should make the holiday a Thanksgiving to remember.
    Recently, I began thinking about Thanksgiving Day 2021. I remember, I woke up early to decorate the homemade cornucopia my daughter had made for our table. I made the final preparations for our dinner and prepared myself for the family that would arrive soon.
    I had made an appointment with my immediate family to make a family picture an hour before our meal. My family hates to have pictures made, so I thought in 10 minutes or less, we could get a good family picture. My sister was supposed to arrive early to make the picture, but she called and said she was running late. My mother-in-law and my parents were already at my home. I decided my mother-in-law might be better with my phone than my mother, so I asked her to go with us to make family pictures.


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