Walker Announces Candidacy for Court of Criminal Appeals

Riggs Walker

My name is Riggs Walker.  I am a pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, dedicated conservative.   I am a Republican candidate running for the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 1, no Democrat opposition.

Over the last 19 years as a Deputy District Attorney in Jefferson County, I know that a fair trial is the only guarantee that a civil society can continue to thrive. I have stood in the courtroom thousands of times to argue a wide range of felony cases, including capital murder, murder, assault, burglary and robbery. I have been busy getting criminals off the streets and behind bars — trying to make headway on that high crime rate in Jefferson County.

All my time in the courtroom has taught me that judges serve a critical role in society. They are the gatekeepers to protecting our liberty and securing our safety. What does all this experience mean for the Court of Criminal Appeals? It is the job of the Court of Criminal Appeals to serve as an umpire for the trial courts around the state.

However, you can’t call balls and strikes unless you know how to stand up at the plate. I bring tested trial experience to the Court. I will know a foul ball when I see one because I have been in the courtroom. I have made the arguments and I know the law.

This year, three of the five seats on the Court of Criminal Appeals are open and, when elected, I will be the judge with the greatest experience as a trial attorney on the court.

It is critical that our appellate court has the experience and wisdom to weed out ignorance of the law or incompetence on the bench. As a Judge on the Court Of Criminal Appeals, I will be fair and open minded to all sides, working to ensure that justice is served and guarantee that the law is followed.

I would humbly ask for your vote on June 5, Riggs Walker for Judge, your umpire for the statewide race, Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 1.  www.riggswalker.com, FB:  Elect Riggs Walker.