Former Aliceville Funeral Home Targeted to be Condemned

Obvious roof collapse and damage, coupled with ongoing neglect, makes the old funeral home on Third Avenue in Aliceville a candidate to be condemned.


The former funeral home located next to the post office on 3rd Avenue in Aliceville, is on the council’s radar to be condemned. In the June 27 meeting of the Aliceville City Council, City Attorney John Russell discussed with the council their attempts to get the owner of the building to either repair or tear the building down.

At the request of Aliceville Mayor Marva Gipson, Russell had contacted the owner of the building to either have it repaired or have the building torn down. “I have looked at it from the outside, I haven’t looked at it on the inside, but it looks to me like it can’t be repaired,” said Russell.

Anyone driving by the structure can see the obvious roof collapse and those who understand the spread and contamination of water damage, know the rain coming in through the hole in the roof will make the building uninhabitable unless it is gutted and inspected for mold, rot, and structural damage. Repair would be, if possible, costly.

“I’ve sent him a letter,” said Russell. “He sent one back saying he was going to do something, he didn’t do that. I sent him another letter, he has now proposed sometime in October to have it repaired.”

Russell’s suggestion to the council was to have the building condemned because its condition is likely to be a safety hazard. “I think we need to go ahead and condemn that, or consider condemning it, and get the cost of removing the building and taking away the materials and give that to (the building owner) and tell him either to pay it or we will do it and have him pay it through the court system. I think it’s time to quit waltzing around and do something,” said Russell.

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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