Carrollton Renovations in Full Swing

Paving projects have begun in Carrollton. Shown are the pavers working on Hill Street beside the Pickens County Herald office.


The Carrollton Town Council voted in their April meeting to spend up to $125,000 on a road-paving project. Burkhalter Paving won the bid for the project and with the summer season, the paving has begun.

According to City Clerk Beth Goodson, residents are calling City Hall to convey their appreciation for the freshly paved streets. (We at the Herald were thrilled when we saw the pavers on our little side of Hill Street and Ann Gates, Business Manager at the Herald, was one of the appreciative callers into City Hall.) Some residents are taking advantage of having the pavers in town and are getting their driveways done, at their own expense, while the asphalt is hot.

“I am tickled with the way things are going in town,” said Carrollton Mayor Mickey Walker at the July 12 town council meeting.

Besides newly paved roads, the town has also renovated the building donated by Indian Rivers next to the office of Kathy Marine. The Carrollton Police Department has moved into the building and after renovations were made inside, the outside of the building has been renewed.

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