Commissioners Promote PALS Campaign

Pickens County Commissioners finalize business at the Mar. 27 meeting. From left are: Randy Dillard, District 5; Drew Elmore, District 3; Jerry Fitch, Chairman and District 4; and Bobby Bain, District 1. Absent was Robert Kennedy, District 2.


The Alabama People Against A Littered State (PALS) campaign will be coming up officially from April 21-April 28. However, looking at the sides of the highways and county roads and their littered conditions, you realize this is a year-round problem that needs year-round solutions.

Trash on the sides of the highway is an eyesore. That is a fact. This is not an opinion piece. It makes not only the county look unappealing, but promotes disease, insects, and can be hazardous. Littering is also a criminal offense punishable by a fine up to $500.

According to a 31-state survey conducted by the Institute of Applied Research, half of litter is caused deliberately and half is caused by materials being “accidentally” lost from vehicles. Males compose 72% of the offenders of deliberate littering and are responsible for 96% of accidental littering. Deliberate littering is composed 60% by pedestrians and 40% by motorists. Sixty-nine percent of deliberate litterers were accompanied by one or more people.

One mile of highway contains approximately 16,000 pieces of litter (estimated cost of pick up is 30 cents per piece of litter). The composition of litter on the highway is 59% paper, 16% cans, 6% bottles, 6% plastic, 13% miscellaneous.

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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