PC Forestry Team Competes in 4-H Invitational

The Pickens County Forestry Team recently competed in the 2018 Alabama 4-H Invitational on June 12-13 at the Lakepoint Resort State Park in Eufaula, Alabama. Coaches were Stewart and Ashley Koon, with help from Sam Wiggins.

The senior team competed in a written quiz, tree identification, compass and pacing, insects and diseases, and tree measurement. They placed in second place. Team members were Abel Abernathy, Grace Williams, Luke Koon, and Logan Snipes.

High Individuals Overall: Logan Snipes, third place; Luke Koon, fifth place.

Written Quiz; Abel Abernathy, Grace Williams, and Luke Koon, fourth place; Logan Snipes, fifth place.

Tree Identification: Luke Koon, third place; Logan Snipes, fifth place.

Compass and Pacing: Abel Abernathy, fourth place; Luke Koon, fifth place.

Insects and Diseases: Grace Williams, second place; Abel Abernathy and Logan Snipes, third place; Luke Koon, fourth place.

Tree Measurement: Logan Snipes, first place; Grace Williams, second place; Luke Koon, fifth place.

The junior team competed in tree identification, tree measurement, and compass and pacing. They placed first place. Team members were Cale Poland, Kade Lucas, Adam Koon, Emily Koon.

High Overall Individuals: Cale Poland, first place; Kade Lucas and Emily Koon, fourth place.

Tree Identification: Cale Poland, second place; Emily Koon, third place; Kade Lucas, fifth place.

Tree Measurement: Kade Lucas, fourth place; Cale Poland, fifth place.

Compass and Pacing: Cale Poland, first place.

The 4-H members were sponsored in this event by the Pickens County Farmers Federation, the Pickens County Extension Office, and Mr. Craig Blair from Resource Management Service, LLC.

For more information on joining the 4-H, please call the Pickens County Extension Office at 205-367-8148.