Speeding a Problem on County Road 35


At the Pickens County Commissioner’s meeting July 24, two citizens were on the agenda for public comment. e rst, Bren- da Oglesby, had concerns regarding high speeds on County Road 35, also known as Phoenix Ave- nue, between Carrollton and Highway 82. e road has been completely paved and, since Highway 82 has turned from a two-lane highway into a four-lane highway, tra c has picked up along with speeds. Oglesby’s concerns derive from her driveway being at the bottom of a hill along the road. Inattention of other drivers combined with speed make pulling out of the driveway a con- sistently hazardous task. 

“We’re afraid we are go- ing to get hit or killed and we have come close several times,” Oglesby told the Commission. “ ey y over that hill. ey y on it like 70 miles an hour. ey act like there’s not a speed limit on it anymore. Since they’ve paved the road, they act like it’s Highway 82.” 

When trying to exit the driveway, Oglesby cannot see over the hill. One di- rection is not obscured, but the other direction, being obscured by the hill, makes visibility limited. “Sunday morning when I was going to church I came out of there (the driveway) and I looked every way,” ex- plained Oglesby. “I didn’t see nobody. When I got on the hill, going up the hill, here comes a Sheri ’s Deputy from back toward 82. He come passed me on that hill. And I couldn’t see if anything was coming, I don’t know if he could or not, but he passed me on that hill and scared me to death.”

“Something needs to be done,” Oglesby continued. “I am 71 and my husband is 78, we aren’t as fast as we used to be and I’m afraid we’re going to get killed coming in and out of that driveway.”

It was noted a “Hid- den Driveway” sign was in place on the approach to the driveway. “We’ll try to put up another sign further up on top of the hill and then one before it gets to y’all’s driveway,” said District 4 Commissioner, Jerry Fitch. “It ain’t going to help, but it might help. at’s the only thing we can do, unless we can get the Sheri ’s Department to patrol it sometimes.” 

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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