Make Sure Your Preteens and Teens Get Recommended Vaccinations

Parents, a new school year is beginning. The Alabama Department of Public Health reminds you it is time for parents to make sure that their children have everything they need to protect them as they return to school. In addition to pencils, paper and other classroom essentials, vaccination should be included on every checklist.

Children are susceptible to certain vaccine-preventable diseases as they move into adolescence, making it all the more important to keep their immunizations current and up to date. There are four recommended vaccinations for preteens and teens: Tdap, HPV, meningococcal and influenza.

By nature, parents want to protect and shield their children from any hurt, harm or danger as much as humanly possible; the HPV vaccine is one sure way to protect them from preventable cancers. The HPV vaccine (Gardasil) protects against over half a dozen types of cancers including cervical, penile and oropharyngeal. Two doses of HPV vaccine are recommended for most persons starting the series before their 15th birthday.

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