Aliceville City Council Plans Clean-Up Day


The city of Aliceville will be having a community Clean-Up Day, August 25. The event is being led by Councilman Robert “Cookieman” Wilder. When it was brought up during the August 8 city council meeting, it garnered a few suggestions and comments.

Mayor Marva Gipson suggested Wilder ask each council member to get help from their districts. “And then you’ll meet at a certain area, but we’re all going to have to meet here first,” Gipson said.

“We’ll meet here and go off to different locations in the morning,” said Wilder. “We’ll get some idea of where we are headed. So, tell somebody to tell somebody. Put it on Facebook and everything. It’s a good thing. To get help we’ll have to advertise.”

“I’ve got just one more thing on that if I can,” remarked Aliceville Chief of Police Tonnie Jones. “I’m not knocking your Clean- Up Day, but I strongly feel like each individual community, the ones that are living in the community, push that. Push working within your own community. I’m not knocking the 25th, but I’m strongly for you keeping your own community clean.”

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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