Quarter-Million Dollar Motor Graders Cause Contention


Some dispute was had over the upgrading and purchasing of new motor graders for the county last week at the August 14 bi-monthly Pickens County Commissioners meeting. A seemingly innocuous item on the agenda reared its head as items were added, pursued, and challenged.

Usually, items are brought off the agenda, motioned, seconded, approved, and the meeting moves at a steady pace.

As the agenda moved forward to the adding, deleting, or changing an agenda item if necessary, District 2 Commissioner Frederick Kennedy remarked on the dangerous nature of the Aliceville Elementary School’s parking lot.

“I would like to have the Commission consider…I got a chance to drive by the first day of school at Aliceville Elementary School, and since they have combined (two grades, fifth and sixth) from the middle school, the parking lot is not striped and it was chaotic. There was no striping at all on the parking lot. I wanted to know if we could consider in assisting them to have the parking lot striped,” said Kennedy.

District 3 Commissioner, Drew Elmore, inquired if there were any numbers on the cost of providing such a service. Kennedy replied he only wanted the commission to consider the request. The item was added to the agenda and the Commissioners voted to discuss the item at the next administration meeting on August 28, voting to be done that night at the official meeting.

District 4 Commissioner, Jerry Fitch, asked to make another addition. “I would like to see the Commission go ahead and buy five motor graders instead of four. Because it is going to be detrimental to some of the districts. It (the grader) might be in my area, then they are going to need it in Aliceville the next day, or the fifth district,” said Fitch. “I know we’re talking about a lot of money, but we’re running five now and they are paying off the way we have started rotating.” Each motor grader costs $243, 707.

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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