Commission Signs Lease for Sapps Community Center


One of the items of the agenda at the Pickens County Commissioner’s Oct. 9 meeting was a vote to authorize Chairman Randy Dillard to sign a lease with Sapps Community Center. After the motion was made by District 4 Commissioner Jerry Fitch and seconded by District 3 Commissioner Drew Elmore, Dillard asked if there was discussion and District 1 Commissioner Bobby Bain said he wanted some clarification. “I’m not against it you understand,” said Bain. “If we had the discussion Thursday (at the administration meeting), I must have missed it. And I know we all like to be transparent and I think it’s only fair when we have prices and numbers and so forth and so on, perhaps Commissioner Fitch would share with us who these people are.”

“It’s not any problem,” said Fitch. “It’s a non-profit corporation and Mr. Bill King drew these by-laws up and I gave our attorney (Tim McCool) a copy of it and he went over it. The people that’s going to be serving on it (Community Center board) will be Rev. James Wright, Pauline Hall, Lori Fikes, JoAnn Colvin, Dorothy Ball, Rev. David E. Seals, James Blakney, and Robert
Jackson Jr.”

All were in favor and the motion passed.

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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