Fall Ushers in Holiday Season

By Contributed

Of the beautiful transitions Mother Nature takes to mark each season, the one which seems to promote the most emotion is the season accompanied by a brilliance of orange, yellow, red, brown, and golden-hued leaves.

The fall season stands in such contrast with all other seasons. It recalls memories of family, friends, laughter, and joy. It is the escorting in of our major holiday season. As cool crisp air fights the warm pumpkin pie or warm soft sweaters embrace sweet iced tea, Fall is the elderly king of seasons bringing all things living into the tender harmony of a deep regenerating sleep.

Rising in the mornings to see the frost on the pumpkin or the idle stance of an abandoned plow, seeing the dew on the ground, celebrating the final harvest and the coming chill is a graceful dance as Fall rushes to winter.

You needn’t think of the changing of the seasons. Fall is fleeting, yet when the cooler temperatures and the solemn silence of the trees collide with their eruption into color, the coming death march is hidden by the bright colors of a swan’s song.

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