BOE Passes 2019 Budget


The 2019 budget for the Pickens County Board of Education was passed at its second mandatory budget meeting the evening of Sept. 10. Before the budget was passed, Chief School Financial Officer Jennifer Shirley presented the finalized budget and informed the board of any changes made since the first budget meeting, held three weeks prior.

A larger amount was allotted for expenses in hopes to supplement the schools for the high-school secretaries which are on a 12-month contract. This would keep schools from having to reimburse the board for two months of a secretary’s salary and those monies could be used for coaching supplements. “What we were doing on the supplement list, is we were asking the school to reimburse for those high school secretaries to be 12-month and putting that burden on the schools,” said Pickens County School Superintendent Jamie Chapman. “And what I told you I wanted to move toward is to take them off the supplement list. Get the schools off the hook for sending a check down here for those, basically, two months of secretaries’ pay, and not count on that as being something that the local school would pay back to this board.”


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