Encore and PCMC Discuss Enhancement of Swing Bed Program

From left: Sharon Lang, RN Case Manager; Taylor Marine, Community Relations Coordinator; Sharon Smelser, Marketing Coordinator; Sue Robertson, LPTA/Director of Rehab.

Encore and Pickens County Medical Center staff met on Sept. 25 to discuss ways to enhance the Pickens County Medical Center Swing Bed program.

Encore provides therapy services at Pickens County Medical Center to patients that are participating in the Swing Bed program.

A hospital swing bed describes a hospital room that can be used for acute care and also for follow up skilled nursing care. Some patients require further care after a hospital stay related to surgery, illness, or injury.

The Pickens County Medical Center Swing Bed program is designed to provide the appropriate follow up care to prepare the patient to go home. Patients will receive therapy that will help them regain strength & prepare them for independent living.

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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