Carrollton Council Working Diligently on Town Projects


At the Carrollton Town Council’s monthly meeting Thursday, October 4, the biggest thing on the minds of the council was the upcoming Face in the Window Fest approaching that Saturday. City workers were tired, but satisfied, as progress for the festival was nearing completion after much hard effort. Volunteers were commended by Mayor Mickey Walker for their hard work and effort getting the town beautified for the festival. “I have the highest respect for them, they have done a great job,” said Walker. “It is huge for the town the amount of money they raise.” Over 90 vendors were expected on the big day.

Walker also mentioned an anonymous donor had given $5,000 for the beautification of the town and those monies were being put to good use. Christmas lights had been purchased, both for the town’s Christmas tree and buildings around the town. The bulbs were being changed to LED bulbs which use much less wattage and last much longer than regular bulbs. Also, the lights for the tree were being changed for strings where bulbs could be replaced instead of the kind where if one light goes out, all the lights go out. A very frustrating dilemma as all of those who have tried to decorate with those kinds of lights can attest. Any funds from the donation remaining will be put to good use.

A lamppost on the old courthouse grounds was knocked down in the redesign. This may have contributed to an electrical short to the power at the courthouse. All lights were down, and Walker was nearly electrocuted as he tried to examine one of the breaker boxes. All breaker boxes and wiring will be replaced and upgraded.

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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