BOE Hears State Audit Outcome


At the October 15 Pickens County Board of Education meeting, the results of the state’s audit were heard by the board in accordance with the code of Alabama. The audit focused on the period of October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017. The board was issued an unmodified opinion on financial statements, which is the best result that can be obtained from the report.

There were two instances which did make the report. Both are considered legal compliance findings and are not considered internal control or federal findings.

A section of the Alabama state code prohibits the use of public funds for non-public purposes. “The Pickens County Board of Education did not ensure policies were followed regarding the use of public funds which resulted in an instance of public funds being used for a non-public purpose,” said Shelly Purter, Alabama Department of Education Audit Manager for the Pickens
County region.

“During the fiscal year ending September 30, 2017, the Board made an expenditure providing public funds for the balance due to a vendor for championship rings for an athletic team. The expenditure was not considered allowable use for public funds, however, when we brought this to the attention of the superintendent, those funds were reimbursed,” Purter relayed.

The second reported finding concerned the local schools. The school tested for this audit was Pickens County High School. “The State of Alabama Department of Education financial procedures for local schools provides guidelines for receiving and depositing of funds,” said Purter. “Those guidelines require that funds received by staff members be receipted and turned into the office in a timely manner. Also, when funds are received by the office, those funds should be master receipted and deposited intact in a timely manner.

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