Reform Council Takes Action on Abandoned Properties


During the Nov. 6 Reform City Council meet- ing, Mayor Benny Harton told the councilmembers he had been following up on some of the abandoned houses in town. “First of all, I wanted to say that because of the e ort of the council, we’ve seen several improvements in our town of our citizens cleaning up abandoned property and even moving into abandoned houses,” said Harton. “So, I think we got the message out and our citizens are listening.”

Harton said he had re- ceived four requests from councilmembers to notify property owners of their unsightly abandoned prop- erty and has received two responses. For one of the properties on Highway 17, the owner came to see the mayor and said he was not sure he even owned the property anymore as he had not paid taxes on it in sev- eral years. “Now, I told him that we did some research and the research shows he is still the owner,” said Harton. “What he said was that whatever the council want- ed him to do concerning that property, he would do it.”

“If he can cut the grass and bushes and clean up in the front,” said Council- man Charlie Hagan. “ The house doesn’t look so bad necessarily, it’s just grown up.”

“He told me a while back when I asked him about it that he hadn’t paid the taxes,” said Reform Police Chief Richard Black. “He thought somebody bought it at the tax sale. He didn’t know he owned it. You know a while back I didn’t know you had talked to him about it, but me and him were talking about it. He said he hadn’t paid taxes on it in seven years, so he gured somebody else had bought it.” 

“ They may have,” said Hagan. 

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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