Carrollton Mayor looking to stop dumping, loitering at West Highland

Carrollton Mayor Mickey Walker has put up logs to keep people from parking and loitering at West Highland St. Walker said dumping trash and loitering has been a major problem here for years.

By Brian Hamilton, Editor

The Carrollton City Council on Thursday, February 7th began with Pam Acker and Jane Quarles being appointed to the library board. Also, it was announced that bids for the Carrollton City Hall remodeling would be opened on February 14, at 8am.

Dumping and Loitering on West Highland Street

The council had a discussion about blocking off West Highland Street. Walker said that the home-owners are tired of the trash being dumped and roads being blocked due to people loitering.The town’s police department has been asked to increase patrol to help with this problem.

“We’ve been working up there for the last two years, cleaning up,” Carrollton Mayor Mickey Walker said. “We will pick up two or three bags of garbage a week and we’re tired of it. We’ve blocked off areas up there, where they’ve been hanging out. The landowners actually wanted us to block it off because the¥’re tired of people hanging out on their property.”

Walker said the police department has been notified and he hopes there will be a greater police presence in that area at night.

“I told them the other day I’ve had enough,” Walker said. “If they aren’t up there, we’re fixing to have a problem, because the chief knows I’m serious about it. The home-owners are tired of it.”

New Zoning Board and Unsightly Property Committee

Mayor Mickey Walker said that the city’s zoning board has been non-active for quite some time and the council was looking to get that reactivated again.

“Our zoning board committee has been non-active for God knows how long, so I’m getting that reactivated again,” Walker said. “We’ve got an unsightly property committee that we established and we’re going to use both of them, which will have the same people.”

The zoning board and unsightly property committee members are Phillip Hewitt, Elizabeth Todd, Brach White, Phil Fitch, and Kevin Shirley.

“We’re fixing to go around and start tagging houses to be tore down and it’s just time for them to go,” Walker said. “They (unsightly property committee) will make the recommendation on it and we will take it before the city council and take appropriate actions as far as sending letters. A lot of them are just old abandoned houses.”

Walker said a committee was necessary to condemn the houses, that the mayor or council could not take action without the committee.

“I’m going to push it, because I’ve got  some that just don’t want to do it and it’s an eye sore and a risk,” Walker said. “You could risk kids getting hurt, because you’ve got some that the porches and the roofs have done fell in we used to would have got up in the rafters playing.”

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